Contact in Togo


Our physical address


B.P. 633




Tel. +228 90980862 (Messan AMEGNIHO)

Messan speaks English, French and German.




Instagram: @ong_agerto


Contact in Germany


Gnikossi AMEGNIHO: +49 157 80570705

Valentin K. NYAVO: +49 176 62039036


Protestant parish "St. Bernhard zum Hohenkreuz" in Esslingen:

Dietmar Auer: +49 160 944 344 18

Mirjam Edel: +49 176 344 644 76


Our physical address in Germany


Post Office Box 5146

97001 Würzburg

On site in Kpalimé


You are kindly invited to come and visit us at AGERTO.


Our location in Kpalimé is in Hanyigba Street in the district Kligue-Kondi. 


When arriving from Lomé, you need to turn left at the crossroads next to the Prefecture and access a side street. Continue straight forward until the paved part of the street stops. Form here, you need to continue about 500m to find the sign that reads AGERTO at the right side of the road. At this point, AGERTO is directly to your left, you simply cannot miss it.