What is AGERTO?

"Former pour transformer" - help for self-help

We are a non-governmental organization called AGERTO. AGERTO stands for "Association Germano-Togolaise" (German-Togolese Association). AGERTO works for a positive sustainable development within Togo. The association is non-profit-seeking. Its revenues consist of donations, sponsorships and the sale of products that were produced by the apprentices. 


Our vision

It is our vision to diminish extreme poverty and inequalities by means of our philosophie, "former pour transformer" (train in order to make a change).


We want to offer juveniles in difficult social conditions high-quality apprenticeship as well as responsible and sustainable education. Through the three-year training and our affectionate attention, we support these young men and women that have so far been neglected, so that they overcome the challenges of life and may one day be able to live independently.


In order to do so, we have founded three training centres:

  • Kpalimé with 44 apprentices
  • Kemeni close to Sokodé (Northeast) with 35 apprentices
  • Akpakpakpé close to Notsé (Central Region) with 30 apprentices

Our apprenticeships

In our centers, adolescents and young adults that have been thrown out of their parental home, with previous convictions, orphans, street children and juveniles who are physically or mentally handicapped can take shelter, regardless of their sex, religion ethnical origin. They are trained in one of the following professions: tailoring, traditional weaving, welding and carpentry. After the end of their three-year apprenticeship they receive a diploma that is recognized by the Togolese Republic


Ever since 2007, we were able to hand out diplomas as well as working machines to 162 apprentices. The machines represent starting capital for the former apprentices which helps them earning their own money and building a life within society (2018).


Free of cost but valuable

Contrary to usual apprenticeships in Togo, those offered at AGERTO are free of cost for our trainees. The salaries for our teachers, used materials, the equipment as well as the bills for water and electricity are paid for by sponsorship funds from Europe. 


Further commitments

AGERTO is furthermore committed to work and projects regarding sex education and informs rural populations in isolated regions about important subjects such as HIV/AIDS and hygiene.

Moreover, we are committed to a sustainable and ecological development, for example by organizing informational events about environment protection in schools or technical support for the agricultural sector. Among other projects, we realized for instance the growing of vegetables by a group of women and the reforestation of cleared surfaces. 


AGERTO collaborates with unpaid trainees from around the world and offers them an accommodation. Thanks to the hosting of international work camps, we are planning to contribute to the further development and establishing of eco-tourism and promote intercultural exchanges. 


Our structure

Since 2005, AGERTO e.V. is registered as a non-profit organization in Germany. The Togolese Ministry of the Interior already recognized AGERTO as charitable back in 1999. Its finances are controlled annually by Togolese accountants, regarding correctness and completeness. 


Every executive role at AGERTO, including the one of the president, is a voluntary work. The association currently counts over 30 members, who commit themselves for AGERTO e.V. in an honorary capacity. 

All administrational activities are not paid for by sponsorship funds, but are possible thanks to a monthly contribution of 5 € made by our members and the voluntary social contribution.