Drinking water for Togo

Recently, AGERTO has received more than 10 demands sent by different villages in the surrounding areas. These are about deep drillings for ground water in order to secure the villages' water supply. To us, this represents a giant project with lots of efforts that are included, but which promises on the other hand a fantastic future perspective for the villagers. 


Currently, mainly contaminated water has to be used in the concerned villages, also for drinking purposes. Humans and animals very often use one and the same source, causing huge health risks for the inhabitants. Especially children get sick by drinking water coming from rivers or other, stagnating sources. This kind of water is often contaminated by chemical products used for agricultural purposes, thus dangerous. The ground water won through the drilling process can be expected to be of much higher quality and would furthermore be cleaned by filtering it. The households could make use of it to drink and wash and in some cases is is needed for the provision of medical care as well. Therefore, the ground water would literally safe lives in the concerned villages. In the following we provide you with a list of villages, where we either started the work already or are currently planning the process: 

Klologo, Kati, Pémé, Kopéyé etc.


In all these villages, we would like to secure water supply and diminish health risks in a considerable manner. In order to do so, we are moreover planning on using water pumps that are fueled by solar power, so that a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution would be found. Of course, an adapted solar-cell infrastructure has to be installed for this project.


This enormous project in numerous places is of critical importance to us, especially to our president Messan Amegniho - but obviously, it has a high prize. Following our current calculations, it is estimated to climb up to 15.000 € per village. Accordingly, we are asking for your support and commitment in order to ameliorate the standard of living in all these different places in Togo. A well-known proverb tells us that water is life. Without clean and constantly available drinking water, the lives of all the concerned people are in danger. All of them need your help, so that their source of life does not run dry.