Training centres

All of our three training centres aim at offering juveniles an apprenticeship place, regardless of their sex, origin and religious orientation. They are open Mondays to Fridays. The centres work mostly independently from one another, however, they are all lead by the administration located in Kpalimé.

The training centre in KPALIME is AGERTO’s head office. Here you can find the administration of AGERTO. Currently, more than 40 apprentices are trained in Kpalimé to become active in the fields of tailoring, metal work, carpentry and welding. They are instructed by 16 teachers. Mainly to ensure the apprentices’ medical care, a hospital ward with one employed nurse was built in Kpalimé.

The centre in SOKODE (Central Region) is located outside the city centre within the district of Kemeni. There you can find 35 apprentices and three teachers. Most of the trainees are male. Since the region is islamically influenced, taking part in an apprenticeship program is still a huge challenge for young women. 

The centre in NOTSE is the youngest of our three training centres. In the district of Akpakpakpé, about 20 apprentices are being trained.