Cooperation with GIZ Kpalimé

In collaboration with GIZ, we were able to offer our apprentices a dual training. Once per week, our apprentices had the opportunity to go to a school where they where taught the theoretical aspects of their trade. To make this possible, qualified teachers are provided in order to allow the apprentices to learn a detailed professional expertise. The project offers them the possibility to gather knowledge about new techniques, which they be able to use during their practical work in order to increase the general training quality. In this way, the apprentice will one day be able to open up their own workshop and secure their future. 

Cooperation with Childcare Africa

Ingrid von Aalst, who is with Childcare Africa, makes an effort to ameliorate the standard of living in Agbétiko, a village close to Kpalimé. Thanks to our cooperation, AGERTO's apprentices could produce school desks and beds for the establishments built by Childcare Africa (a primary school and an orphanage). For the construction around the orphanage of a wall we could be of help as well by having our volunteer Thomas Krahl regularly control and document the construction in Agbétiko, since Ingrid von Aalst could not be present herself. 

The collaboration of these two non-profit organisations was a gain for both sides. 

Prevention work concerning HIV and AIDS

We are aware of the urgent necessity to provide prevention work in the domain of HIV/AIDS and would like to take part in the fight against it. 

Thanks to a cooperation with the organisation PSI, three of our apprentices had the chance to be part of a training seminar concerning this subject. During that one week, they were sensitized about the illness and learned how to behave and protect oneself in a sensible way. Afterwards, the three apprentices shared their new-learned knowledge with their comrades. 


We would like to take on environmental protection by planting seedlings on the one hand and sensitize the population about the grave consequences of bush fires for global warming on the other hand. 


On a long-term basis, we want this project to contribute to the fight against the desertification of the African continent caused by the irresponsible deforestation.  


Extra help and vacation programme for students

Throughout this project, we organized a vacation programme for students that would not only offer them extra help for multiple subjects, but also a variety of free time activities (theatre, drawing, journalism, poetry and so on) to enjoy. 

Cultural events for our volunteers

To us, it is important that our volunteers get a chance to immerse into the rich Togolese culture and gain intercultural competences. 


Throughout this project, we visited the region's wonderful sights, went hiking, looked at different pieces of art, played theatre, practiced African dances, listened to Djembe percussions, got to know the Batik coloring method and even more. The project was marked by intensive moments of learning, authentic encounters and most of all cultural exchange.