Become the sponsor for one of our teachers!

For over 12 years, teachers have been working at AGERTO on a voluntary basis and training our apprentices without being paid. Up until today, we have trained a total of over 600 apprentices in our three centers and shown them the right path into their future - all of them live these days off of their learned professions. However, currently, our teachers threaten to leave the three training centers in Kpalimé, Akpakpakpé and Notsé, due to the fact that they don't receive salaries from our NGO. 


We have 18 male and female teachers in our training centers, educating juveniles in need such as orphans and street children in order for them to learn skilled trades. This kind of work - the heart of our vision and association - would cease to exist, should those teachers really turn their back on AGERTO. Our presence i of great importance for the people in Togo and our help is crucial for them in many different places. Thus, this precarious situation does not only represent a great danger to our association, but also for a lot of municipalities in Togo and their population. That is why we are looking for sponsors who are willing to pay in our place for the salaries for our male and female teachers. According to the SMIG (minimum wage in Togo), these salaries are fixed at 38.000 F CFA = 60 € per person per month


Given their situation, we can definitely relate to our teachers and their claims. The times have changed and the cost of living have increased in a considerable manner, which is why they cannot keep on working on a voluntary basis. The costs and needs have become noticeable in their homes. Their children have aged as well and are in need of means and options to make a living. Paying an appropriate salary to our teachers for their diligent and honorable work that they provide is with day by day, is one of our greatest wishes. We simply do not have the financial means to make our wish come true. In consequence, we are asking for your support!


You can commit yourself to finance one or two teachers for 6 months or even a whole year. We issue donation certificates for all of our donators, as long as they communicate their address to us. As an association, we are transparent in front of the German and Togolese authorities. 

Here you can see a list of the male and female teachers that are in dire need of your help:


1 DROPENOU Adjovi – Tailor for 12 years

2 TELOU Marceline – Weaver for 12 years

3 KOKE Viviane – Tailor for 5 years

4 GOMA Ousmane – Carpenter for 6 years

5 HODIA Abdou – Welder for 12 years

6 TEBAYEMA Martin – Tailor for 5 years

7 HODIKOU Komlan – Machinist for 8 years

8 BIAKOU Naftalie – Secretary for one year

9 HODIKOU Edmond – Coordinator for 10 years

10 AFANTODJI Akofa – Tailor for 10 years

11 IMKONBA Akossiwa – Tailor for 10 years

12 HODIKOU Amedor – Breakdown assistant for TV/radio

13 TSEKOUNI Agouto – Mechanic for 10 years

14 DAWOE Mawussé – Weaver for 6 years

15 BANA Mohamed – Coordinator for 10 years

16 ISSIOU Walahabou – Tailor for 10 years

17 ALI Koura Kamara – Carpenter for 10 years

18 DAWOE Akovi – Smith for 10 years