Unfinished projects


Our employees, apprentices and volunteers regularly come up with ideas for new projects, which they start, develop and finish to ameliorate the apprentices' training quality.

Many ideas and projects circle around in our heads, but the only way to achieve them is through the pivotal financial aid in shape of donations.

In case you are interested in this or that project and want to support it financially, our apprentices will be very thankful.

A daily warm meal for our apprentices

AGERTO would like to offer its apprentices a warm lunch on a daily basis. 

The current financial situation allows us to provide a meal, that is cooked by the apprentices themselves, three times a week. Usually, there is rice, beans or "pâte" (cornmeal mush), since these are not only the staple foods in Togo, but also some of the the cheapest ingredients. 

Given the situation that we currently do not dispose of the necessary financial means, the apprentices have to take care of their food otherwise on the two other days. 

Most of our apprentices do not have enough money to buy themselves something to eat for lunch, so they stay hungry. This does not only have bad consequences for their focus, but also for the quality of their training. That is way we keep looking for possibilities to secure funding for this project. We are thankful for any kind of help.

Minimum wage of 50,00 € per month for our teachers at AGERTO

A lot of well-trained teachers leave AGERTO due to the insufficient payment. Considering the monthly wage they receive, their work in our centre could almost be called a voluntary service. Most of the teachers have a family and possibly parents they need to take care of. 


Given the monthly wage they receive, not even self-sufficiency is possible to them. In other workshops of training centres or even as a self-employed person, they would earn more money. We already receive regular donations to pay the current monthly wages, but they are simply not enough to pay our total of 27 teachers the minimum wage set by the government to 35.000 FCFA (about 50€). 

Solar power for our three training centres

In Togo, power cuts are nothing unusual. Often, they last several hours and no work can be done. These power outages have negative consequences for all domains.


We at AGERTO are aiming at a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for this energy problem. That is why we would like to install solar equipments in our centres any time soon. Our main obstacle are the quite high costs, since the purchase is not subsidized by the Togolese government. 

Enclosed kitchen building in Kpalimé

Three times a week, occasionally also for special events, lunch meals are cooked in our kitchen. Currently, it only consists of a tin roof and a fireplace that is very energy-inefficient. 


Not only to cook more easily, but also to save more heating fuel, we would like to build a new, enclosed kitchen building.

Day-nursery for our apprentices' and employees' children

AGERTO accepts a lot of young women, who already have small children, for an apprenticeship. Furthermore, there are also teachers who have toddlers and young children at home. Multiple children stay in our training centre during working hours, since noone is at home to watch them. 


To facilitate the working process for the families and young mothers and create a focused learning atmosphere, we aim at creatig a day-nursery for these children. There, they could be watched and taken care of during training and working hours. 

Material requirements

Machines for our carpenters

The machines in our workshops are partially out-of-date and do not function anymore. This state minimizes the training's and the products' quality. 


We want to sell our self-made products because we depend on the earnings. Purchasing machines ourselves is not possible due to our financial situation. The demanded prices for the machines we are looking for are very high not only in Togo, but in Germany as well. Neverthelesss, we are in dire need of new equipment. 


In case you would like to place a donation in kind or know other people who would like to get involved in the matter, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to take care of the transport. 

Sewing machines

We promise all our tailoring apprentices a sewing machine as a gift at the end of their apprenticeship. This gesture distinguishes us, given the fact that sewing machines are pricey and too expensive for most of our apprentices. In consequence, this gift at the end of their training represents a great kick-off for their self-employment. However, keeping this promise becomes more and more difficult.

A few years back, our partners collected a lot of sewig machines and sent them to us here in Togo. 

We depend on new donations in kind of machines. Although it might be used as a souvenir of old times or as a side table, a sewing machine here in Togo would be the basis of life for a tailor or a seamstress and could provide them with a path towards professional independence. 


If you have an old sewing machine at home that is not used anymore, we would be happy to orgaize its transport to Togo.