In order to provide our organization with more transparency, credibility and legitimacy, we have signed a contract with the most influential accountant of our region. He works in an office with a lot of other accountants from the surrounding areas. 

His collaboration correspondances include the "GIZ" and the University of Kara as well as over ten other institutions. He is a very committed accountant and his work can be considered quite diligent.

In order to help us, the accountant controls all of our earnings and expenses, our book keeping, issues a financial report at the end of every month and an annual report for the entire year. 

For his services, he claims a salary of 160.000 F (about 250 €), which unfortunately we are not able to pay him due to insufficient financial means. That is why we are looking out for a sponsor who is willing to undertake the accountant's salary in our name, since his work is a crucial service to our NGO AGERTO.

In Germany, we furthermore issue tax vouchers and are transparent in front of the German as well as the Togolese tax authorities. 


We wish you a warm welcome to our team!