Fields of activity

Craftsman or engineer in one of our workshops

In case that you are accompanied by craftsmanship and an interest in working with wood, metal and/or textiles, you are going to like it here. You will be assisting teachers and apprentices in the process of their training and, in case you have the necessary know-how, will be responsible for the maintenance of our machines. In this domain, inventiveness and improvisation skills are demanded. Usually, you will not be able to replace an item with a fitting spare part and alternative solutions are needed. This kind of thinking outside of the box will surely be of use for you when you return home from Togo. To really support us over here, you need to be an active person who gets independently involved in the matter and comes up with innovative ideas.


A working day (Monday till Friday) usually consists of two periods from 7:30 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Marketing and communication

Having this function, you will take over the correspondence with our German sponsors and take care of our website and our presence on Facebook. You will be asked to translate between German and French as well, given the situation that you know both languages well. Those who are ready to roll up their sleeves and contribute to AGERTO’s successful future are going to be very happy here. Certain experiences in the domain will be an advantage for you. However, they are not necessary. Depending on the current demand, the apprentices will be happy to be taught German or French by you or if you share your grip concerning general knowledge, hygiene or IT. 


If possible, bring your own notebook. We do own our own PCs, but you will be working way more easily with a user interface that you already know very well. 


A working day (Monday till Friday) usually consists of two periods from 7:30 pm to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm. 

Assistance at AGERTO's sickbay

In case you have a medical training at your disposal, you will be of great importance here. In collaboration with local nursing staff and doctors, you will be responsible to provide people with insufficient financial resources with medical care. 


From time to time, visits in local villages aiming at examining and taking care of the rural population take place. Our apprentices will be thankful if you educate them through short workshops about medical subjects such as hygiene, malaria prophylaxis, workplace safety etc. 


Concerning the regular donations of medicine from Europe, you will be asked to translate package inserts and measure out the medicine together with the pharmacologist. 


The majority of the Togolese population is depending on agriculture and employed in this domain. In consequence, it should not be of any surprise that we are looking for volunteers willing to work in this field. In a tropical country such as Togo with rainy and dry season, there is always something to be harvested. 

In collaboration with our farmers, you will get to know local plants and farming methods. 

Of course, previous experiences in the agricultural domain will be appreciated.